Services Provided By Linkus Property Management Company in Ottawa

Property management companies provide the service which helps people to take care of their property. It is their duty to handle the maintenance of the property and also do marketing of your property. They deals with tenants on their own and also take full responsibility of collecting the rent, deals with complain of the residents, and even helps to give eviction notice. One of the leading Property Management Company, Ottawa is Linkus Management. It provides with the best service in Ottawa to help people manage their property. 

Linkus Management company helps many owners to get most of returns with their property. They provide their customers with peace of mind that they have given their property in good hands to take care. Their mission is to provide best services to their clients with their affordable rates and honesty. 

Services They Provides To Their Clients Are:

• Rent Collection:

 It is their duty to collect all the rent every month from the residents and owners do not need to stress for the rents.

• Routine Inspection:

Landlords do not need to go for inspection of the property and the residents. It is included in the management fee that the property manager will go for inspection.

• Repair and Maintenance: 

If anything gets damage or the property is in the need of repair it is in the duty of property manager to repair it. Also they pay for all the maintenance expenses to make the property fully look good and properly maintained.

• 24/7 Availability of Their Service: 

Whenever the tenants or the owner have any difficulty they provide the help whenever they want as their service is available 24/7. You can contact them any time and tell about your issue and it will be solved as soon as possible.

• Professional Photos and Videos: 

They take professional photos of the property and videos of walkthrough for marketing of the property. So that tenants can select the property form that and they do not need to visit every property.

• Tenants Notice/Pursue Eviction: 

Owner themselves do not need to give any notice to the residents. It is also done by the property manager they send the notice with time and owner do not need to worry about.

• Owner Distribution: 

All the profit they get from the property of the owner they give it to the owner and also they make sure the owner gets the best returns from their property.

• Lease Renewals: 

They make sure to renew the lease on time without even making their owner say about the renewal, they do it before their owner makes them remind about it.

• Monthly And Annual Report: 

They make a record of all the expenses, all the bills and all the rents collected. A monthly and annual report is made and then provided to the owner updating them with all the details. 

• There are many more services provided them like emergency repair, regular owner meetings, financial analysis and tenants requests. 

These were the services provided by Linkus Property Management Company in Ottawa so if you are thinking to buy the property management service visit Linkus property management company.